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On this page find hotels near airports in poland, europe .

hotels near airports in poland, europe

list of hotels near airports in poland, europe - sorted from nearest to furthest with distance.

. BZG/EPBY: Bydgoszcz I J Paderewski Airport

Bydgoszcz I J Paderewski Airport Hotels PL
Address: ul. Jana Pawla II 158, PL-85-151 Bydgoszcz, Polska
Location: BZG/EPBY is near Bydgoszcz Poland Hotels

. GDN/EPGD: Gdansk Lech Walesa Rebiechowo Airport

(GDN) Gdansk Lech Walesa Rebiechowo Airport Hotels PL
Address: ul Slowackiego 200, PL-80 298 Gdansk
Location: GDN/EPGD is 15KM/ 9Miles from Gdansk Hotels Poland

. KTW/EPKT: Katowice Pyrzowice International Airport

Hotels near Katowice Airport
Address: Ul Wolmosci 90, PL-41-960 Ozarowice
Location: KTW/EPKT Airport is 34KM/ 21Miles from Katowice Hotels Poland. Airport Note: KTW sevices about 200,000 passengers per year. It is served by the following AIrlines: Air Polonia, Eurolot, Exin, Lufthansa, PLL Lot, White Eagle Aviation, Wizz Air

. KRK/EPKK : Krakow - John Paul II International Airport

Hotels near Krakow John Paul II Airport Katowice Poland
Address: 1 Kpt M Medweckiego St, PL-32-083 Balice. Location: KRK/EPKK is 11 KM/ 6 Miles from Krakow Poland Hotels
Area Detail: Krakow is about 20 miles from the Auschwitz/Birkenau Museum

. LCJ/EPLL: Lodz - Lublinek Airport

(KRK) Hotels near Lodz-Lublinek Airport
Address: Gen S Maczka Street 35, PL-94-328 Lodz
Location: LCJ/EPLL is near Lodz Poland Hotels. Lodz is about 65 miles W of Warsaw Poland Hotels
Area Info: While in Lodz, check out the famous Piotrkowska St.

. POZ/EPPO: Poznan - Lawica Airport

(POZ) Hotels near Poznan Lawica Airport
Address: Bukowska 285, PL-60-189 Poznan. Location: POZ/EPPO is near (about 5KM/ 3Miles) from Poznan Poland Hotels
Area Info: While in town, visit the Polish National Museum and the Poznan Musuem of Musical Intstuments.

. RZE/EPRZ: Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport

Address: PL-36-002 Jasionka
Location: RZE/EPRZ is 9KM/ 5Miles from Rzeszów PL Hotels

. SZZ/EPSC: Szczecin - Goleniow Airport

(SZZ) Hotels near Szczecin - Goleniow Airport, PL
Address: PL-72-100 Goleniow
Location: SZZ/EPSC is 38KM/ 23Miles from Szczecin Central Hotels (find them in search above)
Area Stuff: Szczecin is the capital of West Pomorania and there you can see the Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes.

. WAW/EPWA: Warsaw - Frederic Chopin Airport (Warszawa Intl)

(WAW) Hotels near Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland
Local hotel airports include:
> Courtyard By Marriott Warsaw International Airport (1.6 miles)
> Novotel Warszawa Airport(1.8 miles)
> Mercure Fryderyk Chopin (5MIs)
Make reservations via link above.
Airport Physical Address: Zwirki i Wigury 1, PL-00 906 Warsaw
Location: WAW/EPWA is 10KM/ 6 Miles from Warsaw Poland Hotels

. WRO/EPWR: Wroclaw - Strachowice Airport

(WRO) Hotels near Wroclaw - Strachowice Airport, Poland
Address: Skarzynskiego 36, PL-54-530 Wroclaw
Location: WRP/EPWR is 10KM/ 6Miles from Wroclaw Poland Center. For Hotels use link above (you'll find a handy To and From the Airport Road map)

Please also Find Poland Hotels chambre de hotes - PL - Polska

list of airports in poland, europe - airport with IATA code - sorted by city name alphabetically

Search for your nearest hotels & motels accommodations lodging with interactive satellite & amp; road maps from the nearest airport city

EPBK Bialystok, Poland - Krywlany Airport - Bialystok Hotels - Poland

EPBA Bielsko-Biala, Poland - Aleksandrowice Airport - Bielsko-Biala Hotels - Poland

BZG / EPBY Bydgoszcz, Poland - Szwederowo Airport - Bydgoszcz Hotels - Poland

EPCH Czestochowa, Poland - Rudniki Airport - Czestochowa Hotels - Poland

EPDE Deblin, Poland - Deblin Mil Airport - Deblin Hotels - Poland

EPEL Elblag, Poland - Elblag Airport - Elblag Hotels - Poland

GDN / EPGD Gdansk, Poland - Rebiechowo Airport - Gdansk Hotels - Poland

EPGL Gliwice, Poland - Gliwice Airport - Gliwice Hotels - Poland

EPGI Grudziadz, Poland - Lisie Katy Airport - Grudziadz Hotels - Poland

EPIN Inowroclaw, Poland - Inowroclaw Airport - Inowroclaw Hotels - Poland

EPIW Iwonicz, Poland - Iwonicz Airport - Iwonicz Hotels - Poland

EPJG Jelenia Gora, Poland - Jelenia Gora Airport - Jelenia Gora Hotels - Poland

EPKM Katowice, Poland - Muchowiec Airport - Katowice Hotels - Poland

KTW / EPKT Katowice, Poland - Pyrzowice Airport - Katowice Hotels - Poland

EPKA Kielce, Poland - Maslow Airport - Kielce Hotels - Poland

EPKO Koszalin, Poland - Zegrze Pomorskie Mil Airport - Koszalin Hotels - Poland

KRK / EPKK Krakow, Poland - Balice Jps Intl Airport - Krakow Hotels - Poland

EPKR Krosno, Poland - Krosno Airport - Krosno Hotels - Poland

EPLS Leszno, Poland - Leszno Airport - Leszno Hotels - Poland

LCJ / EPLL Lodz, Poland - Lublinek Airport - Lodz Hotels - Poland

EPLU Lubin, Poland - Lubin Airport - Lubin Hotels - Poland

EPLR Lublin, Poland - Radawiec Airport - Lublin Hotels - Poland

EPMB Malbork, Poland - Malbork Mil Airport - Malbork Hotels - Poland

EPML Mielec, Poland - Mielec Airport - Mielec Hotels - Poland

EPMO Modlin, Poland - Modlin Mil Airport - Modlin Hotels - Poland

EPNL Nowy Sacz, Poland - Lososina Dolna Airport - Nowy Sacz Hotels - Poland

EPNT Nowy Targ, Poland - Nowy Targ Airport - Nowy Targ Hotels - Poland

EPOD Olsztyn, Poland - Dajtki Airport - Olsztyn Hotels - Poland

EPOP Opole, Poland - Polska Nowa Wies Airport - Opole Hotels - Poland

EPOM Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland - Michalkow Airport - Ostrow Wielkopolski Hotels - Poland

EPPT Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland - Piotrkow Trybunalski Airport - Piotrkow Trybunalski Hotels - Poland

EPPL Plock, Poland - Plock Airport - Plock Hotels - Poland

EPKP Pobiednik Wielki, Poland - Pobiednik Wielki Airport - Pobiednik Wielki Hotels - Poland

EPPK Poznan, Poland - Kobylnica Airport - Poznan Hotels - Poland

POZ / EPPO Poznan, Poland - Lawica Airport - Poznan Hotels - Poland

EPPR Pruszcz Gdanski, Poland - Pruszcz Gdanski Mil Airport - Pruszcz Gdanski Hotels - Poland

EPRP Radom, Poland - Piastow Airport - Radom Hotels - Poland

EPRG Rybnik, Poland - Gotartowice Airport - Rybnik Hotels - Poland

RZE / EPRZ Rzeszow, Poland - Jasionka Airport - Rzeszow Hotels - Poland

EPRJ Rzeszow, Poland - Rzeszow Airport - Rzeszow Hotels - Poland

EPSK Slupsk, Poland - Redzikowo Mil Airport - Slupsk Hotels - Poland

EPST Stalowa Wola, Poland - Turbia Airport - Stalowa Wola Hotels - Poland

EPSU Suwalki, Poland - Suwalki Airport - Suwalki Hotels - Poland

EPSW Swidnik, Poland - Swidnik Airport - Swidnik Hotels - Poland

EPSD Szczecin, Poland - Dabie Airport - Szczecin Hotels - Poland

SZZ / EPSC Szczecin, Poland - Goleniow Airport - Szczecin Hotels - Poland

SZY / EPSY Szczytno, Poland - Szymany Airport - Szczytno Hotels - Poland

EPTO Torun, Poland - Torun Airport - Torun Hotels - Poland

WAW / EPWA Warsaw, Poland - Fryderyka Chopina Airport - Warsaw Hotels - Poland

EPWK Wloclawek, Poland - Kruszyn Airport - Wloclawek Hotels - Poland

WRO / EPWR Wroclaw, Poland - Strachowice Airport - Wroclaw Hotels - Poland

EPZA Zamosc, Poland - Mokre Airport - Zamosc Hotels - Poland

EPZR Zar, Poland - Zar Airport - Zar Hotels - Poland

IEG / EPZG Zielona Gora, Poland - Babimost Airport - Zielona Gora Hotels - Poland

EPZP Zielona Gora, Poland - Przylep Airport - Zielona Gora Hotels - Poland

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list of major airports in poland:

> BZG / EPBY: Bydgoszcz I J Paderewski Airport
> GDN / EPGD: Gdansk Lech Walesa Rebiechowo Airport
> KTW / EPKT: Katowice Pyrzowice International Airport
> KRK / EPKK : Krakow - John Paul II International Airport
> LCJ / EPLL: Lodz - Lublinek Airport
> POZ / EPPO: Poznan - Lawica Airport
> RZE / EPRZ: Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport
> WAW / EPWA: Warsaw - Frederic Chopin Airport (Warszawa Intl)
> WRO / EPWR: Wroclaw - Strachowice Airport

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